Chrome is now more popular than IE. Google is doing it right!


According to StatCounter, Google Chrome has passed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the first time, and although IE9 is doing well for now, I expect Chrome to continue and lead the web browsers world for long.

I have now switched completely to Chrome, leaving IE only for specific work related sites.

I really admire Google for such remarkable execution in so many areas: search, ads, mobile, web browsing (just look at that impressive graph!), not to mention all the web apps out there. I’m not a huge fan of Android, but you can argue with a success.

And speaking of Chrome, Google’s rival, facebook, is rumored to acquire Opera. I think it makes sense:

You see, facebook wants you to stay inside the facebook site and do all the things you used to do in a web browser, but from within the facebook site. It’s like facebook has become a browser inside a browser, but since it’s not really the case – how about turning facebook from just a site into a real app, with native capabilities and additional features?

Interesting, but only time will tell.