Developers still prefer iOS over Android, HTML5 keeps getting stronger

An interesting report from Appcelerator and IDC about mobile developers ecosystem.

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Appcelerator and IDC have recently published a mobile developers survey for Q1 2012. The survey included over 2,000 mobile developers and presented some interesting facts about development trends in the mobile world.

In a world where developers ecosystem is a key to push forward a mobile platform – understanding developers opinions and desires can hint about which way the mobile “wind” is blowing… (the full report can be found in here).

Key takeaways:

  1. HTML5 is becoming a key mobile technology: over 75% of mobile developers reported they intend to get into the HTML5 world this year (2012).
  2. iPhone is still the king of the mobile developers ecosystem (88%) followed by… you guessed it: iPad (88%).
  3. Android, on the other hand, suffered some decrease in developers popularity (maybe the fact that Android 4 is so much different than older versions made some developers give up or at least wait a few more months until the 4th generation of this powerful platform is stabilized?).

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The full report can be found in here.

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Here are 2 similar posts I wrote few months ago, they both show a similar picture: despite of Android’s meteoric jump this year, mobile developers typically begin with iOS, as it’s somewhat considered to be more stable and easier to monetize, while Android, despite the tremendous sales, is still a bit behind.

Mobile web (HTML5) is getting stronger no matter which platform is eventually winning:

Consumers prefer iOS over Android, developers too…
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Elliott said…
It will be interesting to see if Windows has much bye in - I know Microsoft is pushing it hard but if people don't jump on board I'm guessing it will have a short life. For me it's the app store that really makes the iPhone.

nice stats on the article mate!