Free App: Mega Photo Booth for iPhone and iPad

Mega Photo Booth

Seems like my entire family is switching to Apple products: my wife owns an iPhone 4 for quite a while, my brother recently switched from a Droid to iPhone 4S, my parents just got an iPad, and so did my sister (although she still insists on keeping her BlackBerry Bold).

While this becomes a bit boring, it does hold few advantages: FaceTime, and Apps.

And so, our family dinners over the weekends have changed from talking about kids to talking about apps.

Yesterday I learned about a couple of new cool apps I was not aware of. One of them is called Mega Photo Booth and it holds the biggest photo and video effects I’ve ever seen.

Mega Photo Booth - Gil Bouhnick

The free version includes a couple of pages, each one includes 9 different effects. Some of them are extremely fun, and the app allows saving both photos and videos. The app works on both iPad and iPhone.

So check it out: Mega Photo Booth in the AppStore


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