How to turn your iPhone Lock Screen into Windows Phone 7 Style?


One of the nicest things about Windows Phone Metro design is the clean looking lock-screen.

Functionality wise – iOS 5 provides a much stronger lock-screen with advanced mechanism for managing notifications and viewing tons of information without even unlocking the device, but in terms of visual design – the Metro design wins because it’s cleaner, and more elegant.

For a while I’ve been searching for a way to simplify the iPhone’s lockscreen. Make it more flat, less gradient, etc.

Thanks to my friend J’echielue, who is getting more and more into the jailbreaking business, I now have a fully customized lock screen that looks very close to the Metro one by Microsoft.


So how can you customize your lock-screen to look like Windows Phone lock-screen?

Step 1:

Download WinterBoard and then download the theme called GlasKlart from the main Cydia page (under the “theme” section):

Cydia  Glasklart

This theme is free and you can enjoy a lot of other options (although I mainly liked the lockscreen tweaks it includes).


Step 2:

Open WinterBoard settings and go to the theme section – where you can simply cancel some of the gradient look of the default lockscreen. This will do most of the job for you, but to make it complete – head over to step 3.

Winterboard settings

Step 3:

Go to Cydia (again) and download Unfold -  great looking lockscreen tweak with some flashy animations and design when unlocking your phone. I originally downloaded version 1 which had some issues with password protection but the new version from just few days ago seems much better.

Unfold will not only add some cool animation to the unlocking action, it will also remove some of the lower unlock area, which will be the next step towards making the lockscreen cleaner and more elegant.

Go to settings, find Unfold, and turn it on. You will end up having this kind of clean (almost Metro style) screen.


Just as a comparison, here’s Windows Phone’s lock design:

iPhone-Alternative-Lock-Screen-Mobile-Spoon  Windows Phone Lock screen - The Mobile Spoon

Pretty close, isn’t it?

And of course, because of Unfold you not only clean your notifications, but you also get a cool unlock system that looks like that:

iPhone-Alternative-Lock-Screen-Mobile-Spoon   Lock-Screen-Unfold

That’s it for today’s tip.

Check out J’echielue’s 10 must have Cydia Tweaks for customizing your iPhone.


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