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Weekend is almost over, here are my recent tweets about mobility:

I recommend on Float Reader for iPhone, because of the user interface fits perfectly the small screen size

Oracle Wins (Tiny) Battle in War With Google over Java usage in Android | Wired Enterprise

10 Ways to Optimize Your iPad for Kids With Special Needs

Samsung's newest PenTile screen is getting negative reviews. Might be the Achilles Heel of the Galaxy S3.

Five Best Tablet Drawing Apps

Goodbye webOS: We’ll Miss You. Palm experts may be switching to... Google?

What Apple's Vibrating Pen Tells Us About the Future of Everything - amazing article!

Windows 8 Tablets are coming soon! Dell Latitude 10 and XPS 12 Leaked Online

What is Leap and how can it help you get rid of your mouse? [Leap Motion]

Facebook buying Opera makes sense: Facebook is like a web browser inside your browser, they don't want you going out of their site…

Apple Changes Tune, Patents a Stylus... Does it mean we are about to see a new kind of technology involving a pen?

Cool Free App: Mega Photo Booth for iPhone and iPad: It has tons of photo effects!

FieldRunners 2 Set to Hit App Store in June!

Developers still prefer iOS over Android, HTML5 keeps getting stronger

What’s New With HTML5? Some interesting updates from the technosphere.


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