WaterMyPhoto: Free iPhone app that adds animated water reflection to your photos


Here’s a cool free app that might become useful in rare occasions: WaterMyPhoto is a simple free app for iPhone that takes a picture and adds a water effect to it.

- Create 100% Realistic Water Reflection
- ANIMATED Moving Reflection
- Directly from Camera or Photo Library
- Unlimited Creations
- Perfect for SUMMER fun
- Get creative by taking many different kind of photos and convert it to water reflection
- Easy share via Emails and Social Sites
- New: Snow effect

Why do you need it for? You don’t. I don’t. it’s just that when you have kids and your iPhone is full of photos of them, it might be nice to use this nice effect in some of them.

(Don’t look at me like that! You do it too with your kids (or will do it when you have some!)

WaterMyPhoto-MobileSpoon  WaterMyPhoto

Check out WaterMyPhoto in the AppStore