What is Leap and how can it help you get rid of your mouse? [Leap Motion]


Natural User Interface (NUI) is very close. Wii, Kinect, are already here but true NUI is going to be bigger than that: invisible, gesture-oriented, 3D user interface that feels natural and supports human natural motions.

Soon, finger gestures will not require touching the screen, keyboard and mouse will be long history, and the first example, which might be available and reachable very soon is Leap, by Leap Motion Technology.

Leap is a tiny device (around the size of a phone) that connects to your computer and provide 3D interaction space, that senses the movements of you hands and fingers, and according to Leap Motion (the company behind Leap) – it’s supposed to be 200 times more sensitive than existing touch-free interaction technologies.

So it should be much more accurate, but the cool thing is that the company already takes pre-orders ($70), claiming that the product should be available this winter. Let’s see if that is accurate like the product is supposed to be…

Below is a great video demonstration.

Looks good, although knowing how quickly shoulders are getting tired – I’m not sure how long a person could hold his hands up in the air to operate his computer like this… (think about it).

More technical details about Leap


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