What is SoMoClo and why should you care?

SoMoClo - Social Mobile Cloud

Have you heard about the term SoMoClo? In a world where every day we learn about a new trend which helps us to re-shape our terminology, it’s important to stay up-to-date.

SoMoClo stands for social, mobile, and cloud. The term was invented to express the conversion of those 3 hot topics into one IT construct. According to Aberdeen, SoMoClo presents a strategic roadmap for the enterprise companies: where cloud is the core, mobility is the edge, and social provides the connection through the cloud between mobile endpoints (and people, of course).

Cool. So now that we know what it stands for, what does it really mean, besides the fact it sounds like an Hebrew curse?

First of all, SoMoClo is yet another symptom of the consumerization of IT we are all experiencing these days; Most people I know are already using their own personal devices for work (or treat their corporate device as their personal one). People are using modern apps that are designed to sync over the cloud, share content with social networks, and of course, run on mobile devices.

I consider myself to be a bit “old fashion” when it comes to adopting the cloud, but recently I switched from Microsoft OneNote (with or without cloud synchronization) to EverNote which doesn’t have all the richness OneNote has, but synchronizes much better when using multiple devices.

SoMoClo in the Enterprise:

Enterprise companies should therefore plan ahead, because BYOD (Bring your own device) is not going away, mobile devices are only getting better, and cloud is just becoming easier to adopt (psychologically speaking) and easier to use.

Soon, employees will not only ask for better smartphones (or ask to use their own), they will want much more: more content through mobile apps, easy access to their commonly used tools. They will demand rich capabilities, great user experience, sharing options. Employees will want to work using their favorite tools – which are all becoming SoMoClo.

As consumers – this is the direction technology takes them. It’s only rational expect the same from their working environment.

So whether you like those new buzzwords or not (SoMoClo is a really bad one I must admit) – the trends are correct. They are happening, and executives must learn them carefully and plan ahead.


Liz Marlow said…
Great article - the term SoMoClo makes me cringe! People who work in Social know it's not a 9-5 job and I worry that's just going to become the norm for everyone. Obviously the down side is the boundary lines between work and 'play' time become opaque but the up side hopefully with that comes more flexibility with where and how we work.... hmm what do you think?
Anonymous said…
Obviously the down side is the boundary lines between work and 'play' time become opaque but the up side hopefully with that comes more flexibility with where and how we work.eid sms messages l independence day messages l ramadan messages
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