Why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone (and why I just did…)


I’ve been clean for a few years now.

Saw people doing it, heard stories, but after the experience I had with it – I promised myself I will never fall for it.

Never again.

But then came J’echielue, and showed me some kick ass widgets and lock-screen improvements on his recently jailbroken iPhone. It immediately brought back those memories of wandering around the Cydia store for hours, tweaking every piece of software, changing everything, then change it back, then change it again…

Those memories kept hunting me… I was a Cydia addict and paid my price: at the end - my iPhone died.

You see, jailbreaking your iPhone has a price: it ruins your device. Slowly. But surely.
Tweaks often come with unwanted pieces of other tweaks. Uninstalling them always leaves some leftovers, and eventually the device gets dirty, and becomes slower and unstable.

This is what I had with my first iPhone, and this is probably what might happen now as well.

So for a couple of years I’ve been clean. No jailbreaking, no tweaks, just pure standard “IExperience”, with all the goodness (and all the limitations). I tried to avoid it, crossing the sidewalks whenever I saw a jailbroken iPhone comes my way… For a long time I managed to stay out of danger, but then came J’echielue…

When I saw that cool minimalistic gradient-free lock-screen, this Ipsum hack that allows you to dismiss notifications directly from your lock-screen, and those great looking NCSettings notification center’s widgets – I had to have it too.

And so we did it (I couldn’t do it myself… had to ask J’echielue to do it for me…). We jailbroken my iPhone.

I’m now free again. (Well, at least in theory. In practice I already spent 1-2 hours looking for cool tweaks over at Cydia…). Hoping to see some more great iOS tweaks and completely tear down my phone… 


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