5 things we are not going to see in iOS6


Few hours before Apple introduces iOS6 to the world at WWDC, here are 5 things I’m betting we are not going to see there:

  1. Better files management system: Apple will probably not change the “closed” environment iOS brings, and even though we are going to see more of iOS features coming to Mac OS X, the iPhone/iPad style will stay the same.
  2. Widgets: Widgets already exists in jailbroken iOS devices. They exists for a couple of years now, and other than two fairly simple weather and stocks widgets Apple refuses to accept the widgets concepts, especially the open architecture one. Probably because widgets, by design, create a messy UI environment and can hint on multi-tasking load.
  3. A new design for the boring LockScreen: Yes, we all hate it, it’s old, it’s boring, but Apple won’t change it (here’s how to customize your lockscreen by tweaking your iPhone).
  4. An improved Siri that actually works plus API’s for external applications to integrate with Siri.
  5. The ability to change the default iOS apps such as emails, contacts, and other pre-integrated components and apps. 

What are we going to see?

I think of the usual stuff: facebook integration, new maps, some (minor) Siri improvements and iPad support, and maybe, just maybe – finally something new and refreshing.