Edge Challenge 2012 is over. Here are the winners!


Few months ago I was invited to be a judge in an interesting mobile development contest called “DESIRE2LEARN EDGE CHALLENGE 2012”. The contest is now over, and after reviewing a HUGE number of applications, ideas and potential products, each of the judges had to grade each team.

The results were published this Friday and the winners in each category were announced.

The Grand Prize winner ($25,000) is an organization called MPrep, offering a platform that gives students access to quality study materials aligned to local content using ubiquitous mobile devices.

Second Place prize of $5,000 awarded to the Pear Tool from the University of Guelph, a peer evaluation, assessment, and review tool.

Third Place prize of $2,000 awarded to Instragrok, a platform which delivers age-appropriate educational content and generates quiz questions based on the age group.

There are some more prizes that were announced, and a huge list of interesting developments, so head over to the the videos page to see many of them: http://www.desire2learn.com/edgechallenge/video/

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