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Jun 5, 2012

Enterprise Mobility By The Numbers

Enterprise mobility is changing rapidly.

I recently wrote about how iOS became the most popular mobile OS in the enterprise, followed by some HTML5 articles. Here’s a nice infographic that summarizes the state of Enterprise Mobility, courtesy of xCubeLabs:


HTML5 in the Enterprise:

HTML5 in the enterprise

No doubt, HTML5 is getting stronger. Will it rule the enterprise in just 12 months timeframe? This is what I forecasted, long time ago, and I think we are heading there: Mobile Spoon Predicts: By 2013, HTML5 Will Rule Enterprise Mobility.


Enterprise and mobile solutions:

Preferred way to build apps

Benefits in enterprise mobility

Mobile Mashup is here, and it’s coming to the enterprise


Current mobile platforms used in the enterprise:

Platforms in the enterprise

Mobile Platforms in the enterprise

To the full infographic


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