First thoughts about Microsoft Surface tablet: Makes Sense

Microsoft Surface

As I was watching the reveal of Microsoft's Surface tablets yesterday I couldn’t stop saying to myself: “Makes sense”.

I’m not sure why I keep supporting Microsoft for so long (including buying failing products like the first Windows Phone based Samsung Omnia) but for some reason I really want them to finally succeed, after suffering so many failures in the mobile space (remember Kin?).

I’m currently using an iPad, and an iPhone, and both of them are missing “something” when it comes to old-fashion productivity. I’m calling it old-fashion productivity, because in many ways the iOS invented new productivity tools and habits, which I’m enjoying and appreciating very much. And yet, when it comes to doing my old-fashion stuff that I still need, such as presentations, excels, writing documents, articles – iOS sucks badly.

Microsoft Surface 2

Few months ago I wrote about Windows 8 and how the combination of the new Metro UI along with the classic Windows might save us all from the mobile nightmare. Today Microsoft made another step forward in this direction, which to me, simply makes sense.

Here are some key sentences which were told during the announcement:

  1. People want to create and consume
  2. They want to work and they want to play
  3. They want to be on their couch and on their desk
  4. A tablet that is a great PC, and a PC that is a great tablet

I like the sound of that. Microsoft tries to close some gaps between modern mobile operating systems and classic Windows PC through the software, but also through the hardware. Makes sense. Notice the key words: create, work, desk. Those are not the strongest sides of the iPad, which is why every iPad owner also has a a PC.

If this step succeeds (there is a big if here, but I believe that it will eventually succeed), Surface will mark the formal death of the PC. It will not “kill” it, it will simply contain it. Instead of carrying laptops, we will carry tablets with cover-keyboard. When consuming, we will all use the tablet-style UI (Metro UI in Microsoft’s case), while sitting on a couch, and when creating, we will place our tablet on our desks, pull over the keyboard, probably a mouse (yes, I’m thinking short term here), and start working.

Makes Sense.

Of course, there are some extra cool stuff with the Surface (built in stand, a full multi-touch keyboard cover), and nice specs, while those are things that can be easily implemented in other devices and platforms, I enjoyed seeing Microsoft tries harder to innovate and impress us, the consumers.

Here is the full event in case you missed it. Notice some funny bugs around the 13-14th minutes… :-)


Adeel Ahmed said…
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Tablets geek said…
I wouldn't say that right now it's high time to evaluate Surface tablets. Microsoft has just announced them, not released. After the release, when we can get our hands on them, it'll be clearer what they are.
charmingdate said…
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