iPhone Tip: How to send multiple pictures in one Email


This iPhone tip I just discovered is going to change my life completely (and to think I spent hours creating multiple emails for sending multiple photos… how absurd!).

Question: How do you send multiple pictures by email on the iPhone?

Wrong Answer: You send them one by one…

You go to your photos app, select a photo, use the ‘Send’ button, and send it via one of your emails accounts.

Then you pick another photo, and repeat the same annoying process…

Well, that’s what I thought, up until 2 minutes ago when I thought to myself: “it can’t be…no one is so dumb to miss it… let’s ask Google…”

And so I found that there is indeed a way to send multiple images in one email…

Right Answer: You multiple select your photos and send them, stupid

Yeah, this is embarrassingly simple, yet I’m sure many people have missed it: you go to your photo thumbnails view and use the multiple selection option. Then you simply click on ‘Share’ and send all the selected pictures by email… that’s it.

Gil Bouhnick Pictures  multiple-pictures-sent-email-iPhone

And that’s it…

Oh no, don’t thank me. Thank Google for making so many useful iPhone tips accessible…

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