Microsoft did not invent Metro UI, but it’s definitely taking it to the extreme

Few days ago I got an email from my friend Yair, with the following picture:

AOL vs Windows 8

I have to admit, that as a Metro fan, it was kind of interesting although I do not agree with the statement in the bottom: the world is full of people who can perfectly analyze the history and know exactly why everything happened the way it did, and yet they could never predict anything that has to do with the future because all they know is to look at the past instead of thinking ahead. The use of Metro in Microsoft’s new product doesn’t prove to bring a lot of popularity (at least not to the Windows Phone products) – but it’s definitely a bold move – nothing like anything Microsoft did in the past. I’m not sure it will be a successful move, but I admire Microsoft for taking it.

Windows 8 Metro UI: Bold Move By Microsoft Or A Doom ? 3 Possible Scenarios

And speaking of Metro User Interface, it always takes me back to all those places where I keep seeing signs and images that reminds me of it:

Metro in the hospitalsMetroUI-in-toiletsMetro in the hospital

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Ghost said…
I actually made that motivator though the quote has been modified. You're looking far to in depth as to why I made it. I made it because the similarities were amusing and that was the first quote that popped into my head when I compared the two.

I'm not a fan of Metro, but then again, I'm not a fan of most modern GUIs.
Nice to be here and see your post !So appreciate !