The Mobile Spoon is now available in Google Currents


Google’s alternative to FlipBoard is called Google Currents. It’s an app (native apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets) that will turn your favorite blogs and social networks into a dynamic magazine.

As I constantly look for ways to manage my huge collection of technology sites I follow – I found that Currents is doing a good job in holding some unique content as well as my usual Google Reader stuff. It supports offline reading and a nice set of social sharing buttons. I still use other readers such as FlipBoard and MobileRSS Pro, but I’ve found that I actually enjoy having multiple readers, each one with slightly different sites list, to improve the reading experience.


The Mobile Spoon – Now Available in Google Currents

Today I created a special edition for The Mobile Spoon, ready to be used in Google Currents. It’s highly optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s based on the content of this website, and if you enjoy reading my crap, and happen to use Google Currents in your smartphone or tablet – you can now add it easily by navigating to this link:, or simply use the search option and look for “the mobile spoon”.

MobileSpoon-Google-Currents  iPhone-Google-Currents-The-Mobile-Spoon

If you navigate here ( you will be redirected to a page that looks like this:


And then you will be able to simply click on the button which will add the mobile spoon to your Google Currents editions list.

That’s it. If you haven’t tried Google Currents yet, I recommend you give it a shot, and once you go – be sure to add the mobile spoon to your subscription list.


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