The return of xSpoons: Hattrick football management game now available as an iPhone app!


The famous online soccer management game ‘Hattrick’ is back with a nice looking iPhone app that will help you manage your team from the move.

Exactly 10 years ago, my friend Amram Mashram (this is his nickname, his real name is much more ridiculous than that) discovered an online football manager game called Hattrick.

The idea in management games such as Hattrick is that you don’t really play the game, you just manage the team and watch the game. With Hattrick it was even worse: you don’t watch the game, you read what happens, in simple, boring looking text.

An yet, this simple game was so addictive, it changed our lives: it turned all of my friends (and myself included) into Hattrick addicts – we met to discuss team strategies, spent hours (probably aggregated into weeks) scouting after potential players to buy, planning on training and game tactics. If I could spent half of the time I did for Hattrick on trading stocks… well, who knows what would have happened…

The most amazing thing about Hattrick is that it took us a couple of years before we stopped playing it – in which the game evolved, but not enough to keep us hooked.

My team, xSpoons started in the 6th league and managed to climb all he way to the 3rd league (according to Google search results, it even got into the hall of fame for a while). But them I got married and like many outstanding athletes out there, my successful career ended…

Recently I got an invitation from to reunite my team, xSpoons. I did it, just for the sake of nostalgia, and found that many things have changed since I left Hattrick.

Few days ago I learned that there is a nice iPhone app to remotely manage Hattrick from the move, something that made sense ever since we started playing it 10 years ago. Finally. Oh, and the app is free of course, like the entire game is.

The app allows you to:

* Check team and player status
* Match list with your teams previous, future and current games
* Set match orders for upcoming games
* Match report page during matches
* Series page with current table positions and links to recent games

Hattrick for iPhone 4 Hattrick for iPhone 

Hattrick for iPhone 1 Hattrick for iPhone 3

Will my xSpoons team be back into the top leagues? I doubt it. But if you haven’t tried this great game – I still recommend on trying. It’s fun, but deadly addictive.

Check out Hattrick Mobile App for iPhone


Anonymous said…
Wow! With an app we can spend even more time on Hattrick than ever!
Anonymous said…
what about shapriry efrim?
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Lincoln said…
Wow !!! if football management game now available as an iPhone app then i will buy an i-phone immediately!
Because i love this apps very much!!!!
Love your blog so much.............