Twitter Weekly Digest: 27 May – 02 June


A lot of news this week, here are some of this week tweets: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Jailbroken iPhones, market trends and much more. Enjoy.

Nielsen: Average Number of Apps per Smartphone Now 41. (I probably have around 500...)

5 reasons everyone will be using Chrome OS in 3 years from now...

Tips to get more battery life from your iPhone 4S

Are Facebook users using Facebook Mobile App to escape those annoying Ads?

How did iOS end up being the most popular mobile OS in the enterprise?

NPD: Apple Maintains Top "PC" Position on Strength of iPad

How to upload multiple photos to Facebook from your iPhone?

Nexus 7 Tablet surfaces; Flipboard opens beta; MotoActv gets social


Sony announces an 2 Android phones that finally look nice!
The Xperia Go and Arco S look good and are also waterproof.

Hands On With Windows 8 Release Preview: It’s All About the Apps

Microsoft reportedly asked Google to remove pirated Xbox content from search results while Bing continues to show it.

Recommendation: Ditch Your Office Chair for a New ‘Standing Desk’...

Acer, Toshiba to Debut Windows 8 Tablets Next Week, Reports Says

Another Apple innovation? Now it’s official: The SIM card is shrinking! Get ready to those Micro SIM’s!

RIM’s sad story continues: planned to cut more than 10% of workforce as struggles continue (over 2000 employees).

Apple is loosing the edge? Google to introduce 3D maps before Apple at June 6th event...

Mobile Mashup is here, and it’s coming to the enterprise

Your parents pick better passwords than you do – here’s why:

Will HP’s webOS team join Google? Some of the team already did, others may join soon…

Apple owns 74% of smartphone web traffic, 95% of tablet traffic

Is Samsung going to buy webOS in order to have control both hardware and software like Apple does?

Facebook looks to Apple as it builds the ‘Facebook phone’

… and Apple will be adding Facebook integration in iOS 6


Nearly one million iOS devices jailbroken over holiday weekend

… but I think you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone (although I just did…) via @MobileSpoon

… but just in case you do decide to jailbreak your iPhone: here are 10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks For iPhone that will enhance your entire iOS experience

Thanks to Apple's efficient production line it earns twice as Nokia on each smartphone! (iPhone vs. Lumia)

How to turn your iPhone Lock Screen into Windows Phone 7 Style? via @MobileSpoon

AT&T announces HTC Status. (Facebook phone with physical keyboard)

Microsoft is serious about open source: 10 proof points

The new Microsoft Bing is more social, stronger on the content. It is now live in the U.S.

LG Optimus Elite review

Android fragmentation: Ice Cream Sandwich now on 7.1 percent of all Android smartphones

How to save an iPhone that went down into the toilets? (hint: it's not rice)

Metro UI might not be innovative, but it’s a bold move by Microsoft via @MobileSpoon

Webinar Invitation: Latest Strategies In Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Spoon Recommends: Float Reader for iPhone


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