Twitter Weekly Digest: Week of June 3, 2012


The weekend is over, here are some interesting mobile news taken from the tweet-sphere:

MobileEnterpriseStrategies: Mobile Expert Video Series: Gil Bouhnick
(oh, wait – that’s actually an interview with me!)

40 % of Google's mobile profits come from Apple's iOS, says analyst

Bullshit: Windows Phone to outshine Apple's iOS by 2016, says IDC report:

What really killed RIM? (Hint: It wasn’t the iPhone)

Why Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S III has a dual-core processor instead of quad core? (hint: LTE)


Here we go again... Apple may seek U.S. ban of Samsung Galaxy S III today

The Galaxy S III in the US is giving Samsung a backbone – this is a recommended article:

10 Mobility thoughts for the rest of 2012:

Weird: Gajah's child-friendly tablet has a home screen that looks like... Windows Phone... (check out the picture)

OpenAppMkt Is a Cross Platform AppStore For HTML5 Apps

Dausen iPhone pico projector battery case adds a projector to your iPhone

And speaking of projectors: Samsung Galaxy Beam (featuring a video projector) hits the UK market this month

What happens when a Windows fan gets a Mac?

AppsFire: The ultimate iPhone app for finding free iPhone apps

App: Does this shirt go with these pants? Is the Galaxy S III great? Need a Quick Opinion? There’s An App For That called: 'Thumb'

Android: Redesigned Foursquare app now live in Google Play

Mobile Spoon Recommends: Amazing Breaker – A Great Addictive iPhone Game


Android History: Cupcake 1.5, Donut 1.6, Eclair 2.1, Froyo 2.2, Gingerbread 2.3, Honeycomb 3, Ice Cream Sandwich 4 and next: Jellybean!

Mobile Spoon Presents: A Tribute To The D-Pads - once an empire, today a dying species:

Why Inexperienced Technical People Prefer Android?

iPhone Continues to Steal Users from Android and BlackBerry (I think it’s a crappy research as it doesn’t draw the full picture, but nevertheless…)

Virgin Mobile Pre-Paid iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S Get Official

Google Acquires Meebo Chat And Social Network

Mobile Expert Video Series: Gil Bouhnick.

Microsoft Smart Glass For Xbox 360 Allows Media Streaming From Phones & Tablets

Kindle Fire Not Exactly Burning Up U.S. Tablet Market

Developers still prefer iOS over Android, HTML5 keeps getting stronger

Mobile Mashup is here, and it’s coming to the enterprise


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