Why I’m never going to buy Windows Phone 8


Windows Mobile, Kin, now Windows phone 7!

In a world where upgrades are something every normal mobile vendor provides, a world where for over 5 years we have seen companies like Apple and to some extent Google, constantly pushing updates of their mobile OS to their existing customers base, Microsoft continues to do things without thinking, in it’s continuous mobile fiasco.

Early adopters of Windows Phone 7 devices, customers who trusted and promoted Microsoft, customers who figured that after waiting so many years before making the move, Microsoft will, for once, do it right – those customers will not get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

Why? Because Microsoft needs to change things again, from the bottom up. It didn’t think it through… and consumers need to pay the price.

And yes, I’m upset. You know why? Because Microsoft screw us, the early Windows Phone adopters who suffered months of having no significant apps, no global store, shameful amount of configuration options, limited functionality and tons of “potential” that will never reach our devices.

I’m upset because today I saw this video (below) that demonstrates Windows Phone 7.8: a stupid improvisation that is designed to calm down the early adopters with a useless update that will supposedly “enrich” the Live Tiles experience.


Big deal. Thanks Microsoft, now I can resize my stupid tiles. Wow.

I feel like my Samsung Omnia (Which I’m not longer using due to the humiliating low number of apps, thank you) is seriously going to be part of my “Hall of Shame” parade: side by side with the Kin, Windows Mobile devices etc.

Guess who’s not going to pay a SHAKEL for Windows Phone 8 when it’s released?


Anonymous said…
I thought about it long and hard, and this is a marketing fiasco, no doubt about it.
I still can't understand what are the differences between WP 7.8 and WP 8. probably IE is a big difference.
the fact that you can't run apps that were written for WP 8 on WP 7.8 sucks but it's not that different from apps written to iOS5 that can't run on iOS4 if I'm not mistaken.
Meanwhile iOS6 was introduced a while ago which brought NOTHING new to the table and people not only not criticizes them they actually applauding them.
Anonymous said…
I'm upgrading my Focus Flash (Windows 7.5) phone this month and going with an Android phone. Microsoft has lost my business for the forseeable future.
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