Why Inexperienced Technical People Prefer Android?


Why Technical People Prefer Android?

Because Android is so strong, it’s a computer, more than a smartphone: you can do whatever you want with it, you can run powerful tools from it, run them in parallel, in triple-lel if you really want…

Android is so open, you can tweak it upside down: change your home screen, themes, launchers, widgets, keyboard, even built-in apps can be tweaked. Not to mention replacing ROM’s and playing all day long with Task Managers and Memory Monitors – which for many technical people – is pure heaven.

Why Experienced Technical People Prefer iOS?

Because they are experienced: they used Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, and they know that all of the above is a complete waste of time. No one really needs it. The only thing that matters eventually is productivity, which is many times driven by the usability.

You can tweak your phone as much as you can, but then you will never get a complete, consistent, fun experience like in a system that was designed by designer & experts, almost religiously like iOS. The end result will simply not be as good.

Software should be written by engineers and be designed by designers. When you play all day long with your Android trying to make it better using skins, tweaks and widgets, you end up having a system that was visually designed not by one engineer, but by hundreds of them. Powerful? Maybe, Awfully designed? You bet.

At the end of the day, both iOS and Android provide pretty much the same capabilities. iOS still has a bit of an advantage when it comes to apps, and developers ecosystem, but it’s a minor one.

It’s the user experience that makes the difference.

Experienced technical people who spent hours trying to tweak their Windows Mobile phones 10 years ago know that no matter how much you try – you can never make it truly perfect. In the past it was called: “Today Plug-ins” (I used to develop them 5-6 years ago, so believe me, I know what I’m talking about).

Apple, on the other hand, created something that is close to being perfect [and please don’t think of me as an Apple fanboy, I have a lot of criticism when it comes to other Apple products],

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Anonymous said…
What this makes no sense. An open philosophy is better than a close one. (Non debatable)

Also you say "both iOS and Android provide pretty much the same capabilities." No this is not true watch...



Android can be as simple as ios (or simpler) or as complex as the user wants it to be. It's all about the user.

Sent from my iPhone 4S that has been my daily driver for the past 6 months... Not as a personal preference but to learn the ins and out of the operating system.
Anonymous said…
This is such a bad article!!
Nice to be here and see your post !So appreciate !
Anonymous said…
Waste of time to read this article