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Hi everyone,

The last 2 months have been extremely busy for me (doing actual work…) and therefore there wasn’t a lot of new content here at the mobile spoon, I thought it would be good to mention some of my favorite stories – in case you missed some of them.


Some of my own sick opinions:

Email Overflow The Mobile Spoon

Email Overflow: Why I Hate My Inbox

Why a facebook phone doesn’t make any sense to me

Why Inexperienced Technical People Prefer Android?

Mobile Spoon Presents: A Tribute To The D-Pads

What happens when a PC user gets a Mac

PalmOne, Windows Mobile, Now BlackBerry OS?


Enterprise Mobility:


Developers still prefer iOS over Android, HTML5 keeps getting stronger

ClickMobile: When Mobile Web Meets Enterprise Mobility

What will happen when device agnostic apps will no longer be required?

How did iOS end up being the most popular mobile OS in the enterprise?

Mobile Mashup is here, and it’s coming to the enterprise

What is the mobile popular operating system in the enterprise? (part 2, based on ClickSoftware numbers)



Microsoft Surface

First thoughts about Microsoft Surface tablet: Makes Sense

Why I’m never going to buy Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 Metro UI: Bold Move By Microsoft Or A Doom ? 3 Possible Scenarios




What’s new in iOS6? 10 new key features

10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks For iPhone


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