What is Hawk-Eye technology and how does it work


Making the game far more accurate, interesting and cooler than it already is, FIFA has recently passed the Hawk eye technology to be used for the Premier League after a meeting in Zurich. Hawk eye has been used with great success at Wembley for Tennis and for Cricket World Cup to eliminate the debate of whether a ball is inside court or not.

And now soccer is embracing it too. Referees are after all human beings with the possibility to make errors, which can leave a lot of fans disgruntled and a lot of debates sparked unnecessarily on the integrity of everyone involved. But with Hawk eye, the referee has assistance when notifying of a goal. Remember when Ukraine’s disallowed goal at Euro 2012 against England garnered wrath on TV, sport shows and blogs? Well, fans will probably be as happy about this move as the referees.

Here’s how hawk eye works:

  • Six super high speed cameras shoot about 500 frames per second, tracking the ball as it is moved around the field by players.
  • The images are collated and collected and compared by a computer that triangulates and zeroes in on the exact ball location by using the painted lines on the field as reference points.
  • The ball also has a microchip, because of which it can be tracked.
  • The goal posts also have low magnetic fields which help to triangulate location.
  • In the eventuality that the ball goes over the line, a radio signal is transmitted to a watch that the ref has, which tells him if a goal is scored.
  • The signal is encrypted to avoid any mess-ups from other frequencies.
  • All this takes less than a second and is accurate to the thickness of hair, and because the results can be watched on screens by fans and organizers, the debate is often resolved even before it arises.


This is all an expensive affair as you can imagine, and can only be used in very large stadiums which can afford this kind of technology, but for high stake games like the Euro and the Premier League, this technology beats everything else that has come before. It will be installed in all major stadiums and tested for 12 months to check for accuracy, which is why the Premier League may not host it right at the start of the season, but as the organizers mentioned, it might begin mid-way.

Well, that works for us!

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