HTML5 vs. Native Applications… Again…

Field Technologies

HTML5 is not a “mobile technology”, and yet it seems like it is considered to be the one technology than that has the power to change our current mobile experience from native apps into coherent, device agnostic, software applications.

Few weeks ago I was interviewed by By Brian Albright, from Field Technologies magazine, along with Zack Bergreen and Dave Miller. The article was recently published and can be found in here:


The maturity of HTML5, device selection process, tips when deploying an HTML5 product, and more.

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Looking ahead, the mobile realm will deliver new mobile devices and more importantly: new mobile form factors and hybrid devices (Microsoft’s Surface is just the beginning). In such world, HTML5 will continue to evolve rapidly and influence the entire industry.


David Ellefson said…
Taking into consideration the fact some OSes already don't support flash and others are going to do so very soon, HTML5 will become more and more popular among the people who are engaged in android and ios development. So soon HTML5 will be the main technology in mobile.
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