Beyond Email: Reap the Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Applications

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Modern mobility, BYOD, IT consumerization, they are all here to stay, but what is the next stage?
What lies beyond emails and personal productivity apps?
How can organizations get more out of their mobile investment?
How can organizations reinvent their processes to reap the benefits out of their mobile enterprise applications.

Join me and InfoWorld’s Senior Managing Editor of IDG Enterprises Customer Solutions Group Joyce Chutchin in a webinar that explores ways to increase employees productivity through mobility.

The webinar covers technologies and apps that will help your organization reduce costs, save time, improve employees productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. All mobile style, touching everything, from everywhere, 24/7, beyond traditional working hours or traditional devices, placing the user in the center, with modern mobile usability and experience.

ClickMobile Webinar Gil Bouhnick

Join Joyce and myself through clicking in the below link (registration takes 7 seconds and the webinar starts immediately after, no waiting time.

To the Webinar: Beyond Email: Reap the Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Applications


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