Project Ara: Lego-Like Phone By Motorola

I recently came across Motorola’s modular phone concept called ‘Project Ara’.

Motorola Project Ara Modular Smartphone

The idea is to be able to switch components of the phone instead of replacing the entire phone. This includes CPU, memory, camera, screen, and other modules which often become “old” while the phone is still very up to date.

The Motorola project will also include Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens who published this idea in the first place in order to get public funding. (see video below)

I’m not sure this will work, though. I had the same thoughts back in 2009 about Modu, an interesting idea that died few years later. Back then I didn’t like the idea of carrying all sorts of jackets with me when I’m on the move

Here, the concept is completely different: it’s still one phone, but it is built out of replaceable modules. Like an old collectible car (bad metaphor, forgive me).

I suspect that the end result would never be as slim & sexy as a phone designed as one single unit, plus I’m pretty sure such a phone will completely break apart in a clumsy way when it falls like those old Nokia cellphones with the replaceable covers. Not a pleasant site indeed. 

Still, an interesting project which is worth monitoring.

Read more about it in here.