Who Is The King Of HTML5? [Mobile Web Browsers]

What is your favorite browser? Is it Chrome? FireFox? IE?

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, all claim to have the best browser and the strongest alignment with “real” HTML5 standards, desktop and mobile wise.

Chrome is today the most popular browser bypassing FireFox and Internet Explorer (see charts below), but is it also the best one to support HTML5?

Usage_share_of_web_browsers_(Source_StatCounter).svgMost popular web browser

I decided to find out.

There’s a great way to examine your browser’s HTML5 compatibility by navigating to the website html5test.com. The site analyses all the features of HTML5 and scores them. There is also a final score which can be used if you do not know the exact features of HTML5. The site supports both mobile and desktop browsers.

The desktop winner: Google Chrome

Not surprisingly Chrome has the upper hand and the highest score – 503 points, while other browsers such as Opera for Windows (a browser which I often use - believe it or not) reaches 467, FireFox scores 447, and Safari for Mac gets only 397.


The mobile winner: BlackBerry Browser

In the mobile side: BlackBerry 10 browser got a shocking score 487, the highest score in the mobile section. Google Chrome for Android got 467 and Safari mobile for iOS got only 415.

BlackBerry HTML5 Test     Android HTML5 support     iOS HTML5 Test


And what about Internet Explorer?

In the past we all knew that Microsoft had, well, some issues supporting HTML5…

HTML5 MobileSpoon

Microsoft consistently claims to have the best alignment with HTML5 standards, but when I tested it myself I got the following score: 

IE9 HTML5 Grade

Well, weird, isn’t it? But wait, I tested it on IE9, a relatively older version of IE.

I decided to check the latest version of Internet Explorer and installed IE11 (still in beta stage).

The score I got was 370 out of 555.

So once again, even with the latest and greatest version of IE – Microsoft falls short comparing to the competition. IE 11 scores less than mobile browsers.

3 Takeaways:

  1. Download Google Chrome
  2. Buy BlackBerry 10 device
  3. Forget about #2 (it’s a sick joke, sorry)

To check your current browser now – navigate HTML5Test.


Nishanth said…
My favorite browser is Google chrome, next to it is Mozilla.

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