Can a mobile business improve effectiveness?

I had the honor to participate in a debate published by The Telegraph in Business Technology. The topic was: Can a mobile business improve effectiveness, and the answer, as expected, was yes. But how exactly? Here’s my view:

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Mobile Business turns employees into super-employees by making them smarter, faster, and closer to each other.

Accessing information in real-time means users can avoid delays and get answers to things that might slow them down. It can be their own stored data or records taken from back-end systems; everything is accessible within seconds and that makes them smarter, efficient, and always up-to-date.

Speed is a growing success criterion for individuals and companies. Mobility saves time for every individual through automatic processes, scanning technologies, digital invoices, and context aware data capture. It also minimizes errors done by users which are time consuming from many aspects.

More importantly, managers can free up bottlenecks when on the move by replying to an urgent email or approving an urgent budget request.

Mobility turned popular social trends into mega trends and brought knowledge collaboration to the field. Now businesses and employees welcome knowledge collaboration more than in the past and it makes the entire organization closer, knowledgeable and efficient.

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