So what is the third largest mobile OS in 2013?

Predictions season is here. Towards the new year everyone tries his shot in predicting the next trend in the technology world. Before I give it a try myself, I went back to see some older stuff we had here at the mobile spoon earlier this year.

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Almost a year ago I asked myself (here, in writing that is) what will be the third largest Mobile OS in 2013?

Well, 2013 is almost over and I think it’s time to answer this one, but before I do – a few important notes.

First, the mobile sales numbers are often very different between one research to another. The reason is that every research measures different things: some are checking operating systems (resulting in a mixture of devices including music players to tablets) while others are checking specific devices or focusing on specific regions, and therefore the noticeable differences. We do know, however, that today the smartphones sales are higher than PCs and account for more than half of the global mobile phone market.

Close to the end of 2013, some of the new mobile OS mentioned hin my post are still not publicly available and I doubt they will succeed to make a real impact on the market.

And as to the question who comes third after Android and iOS, the answer is Windows Phone which finally starts to make an impact; while BlackBerry’s free fall continues to the area of 2-3% of sales across the US and Europe, Windows Phone climbs all the (short yet noticeable) way to the range of 10% of smartphones sales in Europe, breaking a small record of 12% in Great Britain. 

And speaking of predictions…
In 2011 both Gartner and IDC predicted that Windows Phone will steal second place from iOS by 2015.
Same Gartner company recently predicted that by the same year of 2015 Apple OSes will overtake Windows.

Think about it next time you read a technology prediction…