5 Things To Love About The Apple Watch And 5 Reasons To Skip It

Apple Watch 5

Watching the Apple announcement today made me feel like packing some stuff and standing in line with all the crazy people. iPhone 6 looks very nice: finally some curved edges that will make it nicer to hold the phone, and some cool new size-relate features like the split view. The overall design was a bit of a disappointment at first, but I still think its one of the best looking phones you could find these days.

And about the watch…

Few weeks ago I wrote about 10 Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Buy an LG G Watch.
I wrote it after trying out the G Watch for a few days and realizing the watch is close to being a useless beta version of what is expected to come.
And indeed, as I wrote in that post, the Apple Watch announcement presented a polished story, crystalized and appealing, that makes you want the gadget even though you know you don’t really need it.

Apple Watch

Here’s 5 things I really liked about the Apple Watch, followed by 5 reasons why I think buying it is a mistake (that I’m definitely about to make).

5 Things to Love About the Apple Watch:

  1. Design Options: unlike the iPhone and iPad, the Watch is presented as a personalized fashion product with a lot of customizable options. I like it. The watch looks very nice and many of the design options are actually appealing.
  2. Health & Activity Tracking: as a FitBit Force owner I learned that activity trackers can really help you get motivated to exercise more. Since I spend most of my 4-times-a-week gym practice on reading emails and exploring new shoes –  I found that the FitBit motivates me to walk more and climb more stairs (reaching an average of 20 floors per day!). I would love to see more capabilities around health and activity tracking wrapped inside fancy UI and cool features. I know Apple’s API’s will make it possible for developers to develop great new apps around this area of functionality.
  3. Digital Crown: what a name… what a series of names… have you noticed Apple did not give a name to that button below the digital crown? It’s the only button, cable, feature, box, they haven’t named in the past 7 years, and in their website they just call it; “the button under the digital crown”…
    In any event, I enjoy exploring new input methods and just like trackpads in the old days, joysticks and styluses, I am interested to learn how this thing feels like, especially with that weird yet refreshing homescreen. Suddenly multi-touch seems like a boring technology isn’t it…
  4. Digital Touch: Sure it’s stupid, and of course it will not make me more productive, but hey, I thought the same about FaceTime and iMessages and those are my favorite features in iOS. I’m sure I will enjoy playing with all sorts of new communication options. Not including “YO” of course.
  5. Functionality Beyond Notifications: One of the things I didn’t like about the LG G Watch is the fact that the only actions I could make with the watch were to read the notifications and dismiss them, while anything beyond that required that I will open the “full app” from my Android phone.
    Apple managed to present new use cases that demonstrated new capabilities directly from the watch and that is before publishing those API’s to the developers, which I’m sure will turn them into super cool features in their apps. We are just scratching the surface right now with wearable capabilities and seeing some apps that take the watch beyond just notifications is a positive sign.

There were some other nice features demonstrated today, one of them was loading songs to the device which seems like a very important (and basic) capability.

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5 Reasons Why Buying an Apple Watch is a Mistake

(mistake that I intend to make…)

  1. Price
  2. Design. Overall I like it, but I suspect it’s a bit too chubby. I was hoping for a watch that will be thinner.
  3. Battery life: not that we know too much about it, but since it was not mentioned in the keynotes today, I am suspecting that just like the LG G Watch – the battery life is going to be unacceptable, and by unacceptable I mean less than 1 day. 
    There are rumors that Apple postponed the release of the product to keep improving the battery life which means that it is most likely going to be an issue anyhow.
  4. It’s G1. Historically, generation 1 devices become outdated much faster than later models. If the average time it takes for a device to look lame is 2 years, then with generation 1 models it often take 1 year. Something that takes you back to the price problem…
  5. Apple Watch? Is it a typo in the name? Where did the “I” go?