About The Mobile Spoon

The Mobile Spoon by Gil Bouhnick

So why did I start this blog back in 2008?

Because mobile technologies were changing so fast, I had to find a way to keep up with all the great stuff going on, and I figured the best way to do so is turn some of my real work duties into a hobby and at the same time experience the greatness of WEB2.0.

I started with SpoonTools; developing simple and useful WinMo free apps for Windows Mobile – one of my favorite mobile platforms (yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking… I'm a geek). One of them, called SpoonAlarm did quite nicely with over 400,000 downloads worldwide. SpoonNotes, , became part of the first Samsung Omnia software package. (hurray!)

Then came the BlackBerry, changing the way I work with mobile devices (less fun, higher productivity) and then came the iPhone – the ultimate entertainment gadget (oh yeah, it's a phone too…).

Today I write about everything that interests me in the smartphones arena (focusing on consumers at the Mobile Spoon and enterprise at the MobileFever blog). New devices, interesting applications, recommended freewares, opinions and more.

Here are few examples:

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Windows Mobile Essentials - Building Up a New WinMo Device - From Scratch

So thank you for reading, and please feel invited to comment to the things I'm writing.

Gil Bouhnick.