10 Takeaways From VisionMobile’s Recent Mobile Developer Economics Report

VisionMobile Report

If you’re a mobile fan or developer, VisionMobile is an analysts company you should follow.

I recently downloaded the Mobile Developer Economics report by VisionMobile, and here are my 10 main takeaways from it. I recommend downloading this free report from here.

10 Takeaways From VisionMobile’s Latest Developer Economics Report:

  1. The Mobile Developer Mindshare Q3 2013 shows Android leading at 71% of developers using the platform, followed by iOS (56%), and HTML5 (52%).
  2. Android: Fresh mobile developers have a much stronger preference towards Android, with almost twice as many novice mobile developers preferring Android (40%) than iOS (21%).
  3. iOS: still leads the revenues chart with $5,200 compared to Android ($4,700), Windows Phone ($3,600) and HTML5 ($2,900).
  4. Windows Phone: Despite extensive marketing efforts, slightly increased sales of Windows Phone devices and generous developer programs, Microsoft is still struggling to convince developers that its platform can compete head-to-head with Android or iOS, since the platform lacks in user reach, which is the top motivator for developers to invest in a platform.
  5. BlackBerry 10: BlackBerry has managed to retain Mobile Developer Mindshare, with the new BlackBerry 10 platform having almost the same mindshare as the legacy BlackBerry 5/6/7 had just before the release of BB10 six months ago.
  6. HTML5 developer statistics: 38% of HTML5 developers develop mobile websites, 23% developing
    mobile apps, (i.e. incorporating offline functionality and deeper browser integration), 27% developing Hybrid apps, (with the likes of PhoneGap).
  7. Samsung Bada: Samsung’s bada experiment is coming to an end, having failed to gather Developer Mindshare, despite a promising user reach that saw higher sales than Windows Phone in 2011 and most of 2012.
  8. FireFox OS: 27% of developers are planning to adopt Firefox OS. In terms of Mobile Developer intention, this puts Firefox OS just ahead of iOS (26%) and Android (22%).
  9. Who selects what? The research shows that developers’ platform choices depend very much on the goal they aim to achieve. When it comes to platform selection, contract developers will opt for platforms that will generate more revenue, CIOs will focus on efficiency and low cost, CMOs will focus on reach, while hobbyists will want to experiment with newer platforms…
  10. Mobile developers use 2.9 platforms, typically: Android, iOS and something else (HTML5, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry 10).


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You can download the full report in here.