How to project your iPhone/iPad screen to your Windows PC


If you don’t own a mac, you probably know that projecting your iPhone or iPad screen in presentations or remote meetings (webex etc.) can become a real challenge.

Mirroring360 is the perfect answer. It lets you mirror your iPhone or iPad to any computer running both Windows or OS X.

Ever since I switched back from using a Mac to be using Windows 8 – I missed this capability, so I gave Mirroring360 a try and it works smoothly and fast. It’s good.

So if you need a way to show and reflect your iPhone/iPad app during meetings, presentations, or webinars – give Mirroring360 a try. The app costs $7 and has a trial version.



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Anonymous said…
Thank! I've been searching for something like this.
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P2P Loans India said…
I have used this utility to connect my Mac-book with my iPad. It is great but at the time of setup, it is very complex.
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Keirsten Heckel said…
In addition to the app mentioned above, another powerful screen-mirroring solution is Reflector 2. Reflector 2 runs on a Mac or Windows computer and allows you to wirelessly stream and mirror iOS, Android and Chromebook devices. You can mirror and record multiple devices at once, customize the app to fit your screen-mirroring needs (changing the frame color, style and name), live stream to YouTube and have access to an array of security features.

It's also a cheaper solution at $14.99 per license compared to $19.99 per license.
Gil Bouhnick The Mobile Spoon
Manisha said…
Thanks for sharing this great post.