Powerful Project Management Tool Using Google Calendar, Mobile App and… Lego

I’m a huge fan of productivity & project management tools. Recently a friend of mine sent me a link to a unique project that found a way to combine paper-based tasks board with a mobile app and … Lego.

lego workplan app[5]

In many software companies working with agile methodologies like SCRUM or KANBAN you can see those low-tech looking task boards holding a list of paper-based tasks with different statuses under different columns. Those boards are often more useful than any software out there and provide a visual feel of the project status combined with the simplest update mechanism ever invented: moving the paper from one column to another.

Well, the folks at Vitamins, a design and invention studio, came up with a unique idea to replace the board and paper-based tasks with a Lego-based board. That made the board look much nicer of course but they wanted it to also include a software-side, so they took the idea to the extreme and combined it with a mobile app that captures a picture of the board, scans it, and translates the visual elements into meaningful items in Google Calendar.

kanban using lego board 

Lego Project Management

Here’s how the company describes the project:

  • Every row represents a month - we have three on our wall. 
  • Every column represents a day of the week. 
  • Every person in the studio has their own row - there are six people on ours. 
  • Every project has its own color, and we keep a little index hidden away to remember which color represents which project. 
  • Each brick represents a half day spent on that particular project.

And here’s a short video describing the idea and the implementation:

Visit the Lego Calendar website