Is iPhone 5C Still Relevant?

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When Apple released the iPhone 5c, a lot of people were left scratching their heads. Many couldn’t figure out why Apple would release a device that wasn’t as good as the 5s, and more importantly, also was more or less the equal of the earlier iPhone 5, but in a different case. There were arguments that the 5c was set to target newer markets, emerging markets, and a number of other things, with Forbes even chiming in on the subject.

However, the reasons are relatively immaterial. A lot of people bought the iPhone 5c. While it might not have been as many people as Apple analysts had hoped, there were still plenty of colourful iPhone 5c handsets floating around the mobile world. People who bought them weren’t complaining, and everyone was embracing the iOS sphere, just like they have with every other iPhone that’s ever been released. With that in mind, here are the top seven reasons you should consider an iPhone 5c.

1) Ergonomics: By far the most ergonomic feeling handset Apple has released since the iPhone 3GS, it’s an appealing and easy to use phone. Reminiscent of the old polycarbonate MacBooks, it’s a bit of a retro throwback. A lot of people, including a number of designers, loved their iPhone 5c phones. In fact, according to Mashable, the 5c is “Unapologetically Fun”.

2) Front Camera: The selfie, or front facing camera, of the iPhone 5c is significantly better than the older iPhone 5 camera. It takes better and clearer photos, and the differences are very obvious when compared side by side with the older iPhone 5 front facing camera. It has an improved sensor, and better pixel density, which is makes photos shine.

3) Style: One thing too few people considered about the colourful plastic body of the 5c is that they eliminated the need for a secondary case. Most of the time our thin and sleek phones end up stuck in rubberized or polycarbonate cases that are, well… colourful. The iPhone 5c skipped that step by building the phone into a case that is already covered in polycarbonate, and available in more than one colour. This gives fashion conscious people the ability to choose what they want from their phone colour, without bulking up the slim phone design with a fat case. To quote Jony Ive, the iPhone 5C is "beautifully, unapologetically plastic."

4) Battery: The battery is an improvement over earlier devices, and can last up to three days of normal and varied use. While it won’t last that long if you’re constantly playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush, normal use has seen a boost, with a reported two hours of increased talk time.

5) iOS: While this is a turn off for some, those who love and use Apple products will find all of the features of Apple’s latest operating system working just fine on their 5c phones. Air Drop, FaceTime, and of course the Apple iMessage system are just a few of the great perks that come standard on the device. Again, it’s not ground breaking new tech, like the Apple iPhone 6, but it’s a solid workable phone that looks and handles great, supporting all of the features of iOS8.

6) Video: The 5c has the same great video capture and rear camera quality the iPhone 5 had. This means you can record great video with your 5c, while also being able to take amazing photos. That’s not to say that you won’t later want to upgrade to a better phone if you’re a video junkie, but rather that normal users will not be disappointed in the video or camera functions of this phone. It holds its own, and takes beautiful video.

7) Storage: We’re fans of the 32 GB storage options, but you can also get 16 GB, or even 8 GB. However, the smaller memory phones aren’t high marks for us. An 8 GB phone will fill up almost overnight, while a 16 GB model will perhaps last through a few weeks or maybe even a month of apps, photos, and other installs. While you can always use iCloud to offload those things, it’s just an all around better option to go with the 32 GB model out the gate, and not stress over your storage or viewing options. Nothing’s worse than trying to take a photo or video and finding out that your phone memory is full.

The iPhone 5c is a solid device. It’s colourful, and the plastic is pleasant to hold, not feeling cheap or off market like many competing phones in plastic cases. Especially for younger generations and kids, who like the bright colours, it’s a great way to personalize and enhance your look without digging too deep into your pockets. Priced from about £350, it’s not the most powerful (or expensive) device Apple offers, but it’s a good phone that you’ll enjoy using.