What is the Most Popular Software Development Language?


Java or .Net?
Native or Web?
Objective-C or Swift?
Python or C++?

I took the time to explore what is the most popular software development language in the world and ended up comparing few interesting reports and reaching one clear conclusion:



According to CodeEval the most poplar coding language is Python:


The top 6 most popular languages according to CodeEval are:

  1. Python (30.3%)
  2. Java (22.2%)
  3. C++ (13%)
  4. Ruby (10.6%)
  5. javaScript (5.2%)
  6. C# (5%)

More about this report and how the data was collected in here.



According to Gartner’s Programing Language Index for late 2014 Java is the number one development language in the world. The full list contains some new comers such as Apple’s Swift (ranked 29 already, which is pretty impressive).

The top 10 list includes the following:

  1. Java
  2. JavaScript 
  3. Python
  4. C
  5. PHP
  6. C++
  7. Ruby
  8. C#
  9. Perl
  10. Objective-C

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Analyst firm RedMonk monitored StackOverflow discussions and GitHub usage. It came up with similar results like Gartner with JavaScript and Java leading the software development languages race:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. PHP
  4. Python
  5. C#
  6. C++
  7. Ruby


IEEE Spectrum:

According to a combined research that included IEEE, Xplore, Google, and GitHub, Java is the most popular development language. C, C++, and C# are following.

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Python



Hello World Open

Hello World Open is an international coding competition where teams develop an AI for a race car in various programming languages. Based on the work of 2345 teams – the following chart was created:

development languages hello world

Final results?

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. C#
  4. JavaScript
  5. C++

Read more in here.


TIOBE Programming Community Index

TIOBE programming community index is a measure of popularity of programming languages, calculated from number of search engine results for queries containing the name of the language. The index covers searches in Google, Google Blogs, MSN, Yahoo!, Baidu, Wikipedia and YouTube.

  1. C
  2. Java
  3. Objective-C
  4. C++
  5. C#

tiobe programming index

Check out the TIOBE live report page.


Google Trends

I selected a few of the hot languages and ended up with the below trends. Seems like Java is the by far the most popular language when it comes to google search, but pay attention to the steady decline that can be seen across years. This decline is also seen by other reports across the years.

Development Languages Google Trends


There are natural differences between the reports but one thing is pretty clear: Java is the only language that is ranked 1st or 2nd in all of the reports so I think it’s safe to say that Java is the most popular development language today (which actually makes sense given the variety of possibilities to use it server side, client side and mobile (Android)). Right after we can see JavaScript, PHP, C++, Python and C#.