Here is what I am expecting to see at MWC15

I'm on my way to Barcelona, and while my schedule is already pretty booked with meetings I do plan to leave some free time to see and "hold" the latest mobile technologies.

Here's few things I really want to see this year: 

1. More innovative phones: last year it was mostly standard Android phablets. Nothing I can even remember except for the 2 sided screens Yota Phone which I really liked. This year I want to see more curved, rounded, twisted, weird, transforming devices. Not sure I will see many of them, though. 

2. Project ARA - the modular phone is here for a while, but I never saw it in real life. I suspect it's going to be weird at first but I do want to see something. 

3. Samsung S6 - I'm no fan of the previous Galaxy models mainly because of the software. I want to see some new exciting non-bloatware stuff from Samsung this year and try out the curved screens. 

4. HTC One M9 - despite its decreasing sales, HTC continues to rock with great Android devices. The M9 will look like the M8 which I like, so the new stuff will probably come in the software side. 

5. Wearables - that's the bottom line this year.  There is so much you can innovate with new phones and tablets, but the wearables are just beginning to shape up. I hope to see innovative devices, new Android Wear Smartwatches, glasses, clothes, and more. Let's see if something can compete with my Band. 

6. Enterprise related innovation - while the cool stuff is mostly targeted to consumers, my job is to monitor what's going on in Enterprise Mobility. New stuff from SAP, IBM, device managers, security tools, new development tools and even enterprise targeted phones like the the Blackphone. I want to see them all. 

Can't wait.