How To Download Apps From The US AppStore [iOS]

How to download apps from the US AppStore - mobilespoon

Many people outside of the US are disappointed by the fact they cannot put their hands on early releases of products. In fact, those people (and me included!) often feel they are last to get the cool stuff.

If you are one of those people and would like to, say, get the latest Microsoft Office for iOS, or maybe Microsoft Health app (for the ones lucky enough to own the Microsoft Band) – here’s a short guide to do just that.

Guide: How to download apps from the US Apple AppStore even if you are not living in the US:

Before we begin – the process will require some registrations via iTunes (creating a new account), switching accounts in the device itself (iPhone or iPad) and downloading the right apps. You may want to switch back to your regular account afterwards.

  1. Go to iTunes  
  2. Sign out (go to: Store >> Sign Out)
  3. At this point, iTunes will take you back to the store page – scroll down to the end of the page and click the country icon in the bottom right – select United States:
    Change country in iTunes - mobilespoon
  4. Sign in, and instead of using your regular account details – select the option: “Create Apple ID”
  5. itunes sign in mobilespoon[7]

  6. You will be required to enter your details. There is an option to skip the payments details (selecting “none”) – which means you will only be able to download free apps
  7. You’ll also need to add a US billing address. (Easiest way is to get a free ViaBox account – which will give you a valid US address)
  8. Save your new account
  9. Go to your iPhone or iPad and switch accounts (by going to: AppStore >> Featured (tab), then scroll all the way down >> click on your Apple ID button >> and select Sign Out – and then sign in with your newly created account).
    how to sign out from ipad appstore
  10. Download Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Health
  11. Celebrate

Important to know:

Keep in mind all of your existing apps will be deleted… no, that’s a joke, I’m joking, seriously, the apps will remain.

However, what you do need to remember is that you need to switch back to your regular account which means you will not be able to update the US only apps unless you switch accounts again to do so. Can become annoying at times, but still worth it.

That’s it. A simple way to create a secondary AppStore account which will help you get free apps which may not be available in your country. There is also a way to add credit to the new account – to learn how – head over to this guide by MakeUseOf.