How To Remote Control Your iPad With Your iPhone

Want to run your presentation on your iPad and control it from your iPhone? Here’s how to do it.

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Imagine this: you are in a business meeting with 2 important executives. It's a big congress so you are not carrying your laptop with you, only your phone and your beloved iPad. The meeting room is small, there's no projector, and you feel you need to show some slides to support your message and attract the participants.

Now, at this point you are thinking of pulling out your iPad, but hey, that means you need to squeeze in and sit way too close to those senior people whom you’ve just met.

Not something you can easily do without being… well, weird. And weird is bad for business.

Plus, there is this onion thing... 
What were you thinking?! Eating that salad before such an important meeting… So unprofessional…

If only you could hand over your iPad to those executives and magically control those slides remotely with your iPhone without entering their space, without moving the tablet back and forth. Without being weird.

That could be quite impressive isn’t it? 


SlideShark to the rescue:

There are plenty of apps to remotely control your computer from the iPhone or iPad, but in many cases business people do not carry their computers with them when traveling or participating in large conferences. For those people, having a way to control their tablet from their phone can be very handy.

Well, good news. There is at least one app that provides this functionality and does it very well.

The app is called SlideShark, and you may know it as a very nice app to run and project slides and PDF documents on different mobile devices. The software also has some interesting team collaboration  features which I did not explore as I was focusing on the remote control feature. You can read more about the product in here.

How to control your iPad presentation with your iPhone?

So here’s how it works: you need to run your presentation on your iPad (through the SlideShark app) and connect your iPhone to it via Bluetooth. Both devices need to use the same network (Wifi or through the phone’s hotspot) and from your phone you can select a remote control mode which gives you a privilege to control the presentation remotely; navigate across slides and more.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Initial Setup (need to take place only once)

  1. Download SlideShark to your iPhone and iPad (link)
  2. Log in – from both devices
  3. Connect to your favorite cloud storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.) in order to access your presentations

Start Your Presentation

  1. Make sure both our iPad and iPhone are connected to the same network (Wifi or using hotspot)
  2. From the SlideShark app, download the relevant presentation to your iPad (no need to download to the phone as well)
  3. Activate the remote control option (still within the iPad app)
  4. From your iPhone, open SlideShark, and hit the remote control button, you will get an option to select the iPad you want to control – select it.
  5. You will b prompt to start your presentation on your connected iPad. Do it.
  6. You are now controlling your iPad slides from your iPhone. Slide right to move to the next slide, slide left to move to the previous slide, slide your finger up to see all slides and jump to a specific slide.

IMG_0199  IMG_0200  IMG_0201  IMG_0202

Amazing stuff.

I tested a few decks of slides and so far so good, although I did encounter 2 issues:

  1. The storage of the app is limited to 25M. In my case it’s painful as my typical presentations are huge and loaded with high quality images. There is a relatively expensive way to get more storage which I may use eventually.
  2. While the animations of my PowerPoint slides worked very well – I did encounter some issues with text layout – which means that the rendering of the presentations is a bit different than the one done by original Office apps. This means that before using SlideShark – you better dry run your slides and see that there aren’t any compatibility issues.

That’s it. I know. You really needed something like this and didn’t know it existed. Give it a try, it’s working.

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Amazing stuff.