The Best Wearable Just Got Even Better [Microsoft Band]


The wearables market is getting ready for the launch of the Apple Watch, but the most fascinating wearable right now continues to be the Microsoft Band.

The already amazing wearable just got better today with some really cool new features making mega geeks such as myself even happier with it.

What’s new in Microsoft Band?

  1. Bike Tile (loads of statistics there, GPS, speed, heart tracking, just like the running tile)
  2. Quick Read features – displays the notifications in large font
  3. Virtual Keyboard – for short, quick responses to text messages (it’s using Word Flow technology which is quite nice!)
  4. Quick replies to text through voice (using Cortana integration)
  5. New integrations with 3rd party apps (this time with MapMyFitness)
  6. Microsoft Health web-based dashboard
  7. New developer SDK – finally developers will be able to start building 3rd party apps using Band features.
  8. New guided workouts

Amazing list, and the keyboard attempt is indeed a bold move.

Microsoft Health Dashboard - The Mobile Spoon

I started exploring the new features and I’m quite satisfied with them. Good job Microsoft, just when I started to lose my patience

Here’s a first short video demonstrating Quick Read. You can check out the virtual keyboard in here.