5 Tips that will make your Apple Watch battery last longer

Apple Watch is supposed to work 18 hours of normal use, which include: 
90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth (more information can be found in the Apple Site). 

Based on my personal experience with wearables I think the numbers are not authentic for potential wearable consumers; 

  1. Researches show that people check their smartphones 150 - 220 times a day, most of them driven by a notification. Given that a watch is much more accessible than a phone - the numbers will end up being much higher than Apple's 90 estimated  checks. I'm getting over 150 emails a day, that means 150 notifications before counting  whatsapp, text, phone calls, and social notifications. 
  2. Many of the early wearable adopters buy those expensive gadgets for fitness purposes. For this people, 30 minutes workout are way off target. I workout in the gym for around 1 hour, measuring my heartbeat. Then I start my run that is typically longer than 30 minutes, and I'm a beginner. Some of my friends run for around an hour and from my experience the workout tracking and heartbeat sensor consume a lot of battery power. 
So 18 hours may end up being 15 for many users. That's really bad. 

There are, however, many ways to make the  battery last longer. Here are few of the things I'm doing today with my wearables that will probably make the Apple Watch last longer than 18 hours.

5 tips that will make your Smartwatch battery last longer: 

  1. Reduce screen brightness and the time it takes the screen to automatically shut itself down. Painful, but not as painful as finding yourself wandering around without a watch all evening. 
  2. Cancel the heart-rate periodic checks. I did it with the Microsoft Band and it improved the battery life dramatically. Unless you have heart issues, only activate this function when working out. 
  3. Cancel your emails push notifications. Yes. Cancel them completely, not just for your watch, from your iPhone as well. Emails, unlike other interrupts are more likely to take longer to read and answer. Cancel email notifications (or at least configure them to work for VIP contacts only) and save more than 100 notifications per day. This tip will improve your smartwatch battery life and your brain performance. 
  4. Switch to airplane mode when working on important stuff. A Smartwatch that keeps vibrating on your wrist can be extremely annoying. When I'm in the office, working on something that requires full concentration, I often switch to airplane mode. This helps me better concentrate and saves significant battery power. 
  5. Do not make phone calls from your watch. It's ridiculous. This is why we have phones... Avoid speaking through your watch and save significant battery. 
True, some of the tips make you lose some of your smartwatch functionality, but when it comes to priorities I prefer having my watch with me throughout the entire day and workouts than to overuse it with low value features and then wear a useless wrist band that doesn't even tell the time.