Apple Watch is going to be amazing. But only if you sleep 8 hours a day

Let me start by saying I'm usually excited about Apple products especially the ones that relate to iOS. 

Still, I was pretty sure we will see some magical Apple Watch apps in today's event. Instead I got two pieces of information that made me a bit disappointed.  

The name WatchWatch is kind of weird
Yeah, that's going to be confusing: you either take the Apple Watch: Watch Edition or you take the Apple Watch: Watch? We get it. That's a watch, but the names didn't turn out to be as shiny as the product. 

The battery life: 18 hours are simply not enough. 
First of all, for some of us 18 hours are not even a full day (I sleep 5 hours a day, which means I'll be missing one hour every day). 
Secondly, some days include intense fitness activity, in those days the WatchWatch will work harder than usual and those 18 hours might shrink and turn into 17 hours, 16 hours or less. That's simply not enough and it means people will become obsessed with their watch battery condition. They will start "counting clicks" or walk around with the charger. 

Working all day with the Microsoft Band I learned to appreciate that extra half a day I get on every charge (average Band time is 36 hours). 
It doesn't solve the need to charge the band every night but it ensures I'm never worried about my Band condition. I believe that is the minimal requirement for any wearable. 

Apple's accessories are typically priced high. I think that the company should consider including extra cradles in the WatchWatch box so people can at least have the flexibility to charge their watches in more than one location. 

Yep, the Apple Watch event left me with mixed feelings...
Wearables? IoT? Beacons? How about a battery which is that slim and lasts for 30 days?