Here’s how KeyLess check-in replaces keycards with a mobile app

There are many examples of mobile apps that took a certain process and revolutionized it by making it “mobile”. Yesterday, while everyone were standing in line to see the new Samsung devices (no hands-on unfortunately, they are probably not ready yet), I took the time to listen to a really nice presentation by Arlie Sisson, talking about personalizing customer experience at Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

The part that caught my attention was a project called SPG KeyLess. a project targeted to replace keycards with smartphones.

SPB Keyless App

Using your smartphone you provide the required details and the phone itself is used to unlock the doors, replacing the traditional keycards.

Simple, elegant, powerful. Of course there’s a bit of an irony with the fact that the smartphones who kept messing up those poor keycards (probably happened to you few times before) are now going to totally eliminate them.

Arlie also talked about that moment when you check in and being asked to give your credit card, again, despite the fact you already gave your credit card when you ordered the room. It’s definitely an annoying moment, and the new app is designed to change that experience as well. Nice.

Here’s a video demonstrating the app which is already available in the AppStore:

Download the SPG App