LumoBack and LumoLift will remind you to sit straight and stand tall

LumoLiftMagnet LumoLift

If you are sitting in your office all day working with a computer – these products might interest you; LumoBack and LumoLift - Two wearables that will remind you to sit straight, stand tall, walk and feel amazing.

Your Lumo products are small, magnetic wearable devices that track your posture and daily activity. The LumoBack should be placed like a belt, the LumoLift can be clipped to a shirt using the magnetic clasp.
The products come, of course, with a companion app that will show you your stats along the day.

The LumoLift also supports counting your steps, movements, and overall activities.


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Here are some videos to demonstrate the products.

Why LumoBack?

Product Overview: