Oral-B has a smart Toothbrush that will help you better brush your teeth

Innovation City was one of the nicest places to visit during MWC15. 

Oral-B showcased a connected SmartSeries electric toothbrush. The toothbrush connects to the Oral-B App, which provides real-time guidance to users brushing their teeth. The App records brushing activity and allows the brusher to share this data with dental professionals. 

The App also signals when the user should reduce the acceleration rate or when he puts too much pressure or misses a spot. 

If you feel really bored during the process (that should take at least 2 minutes BTW), the app will also show you the latest news titles and some nice videos. 

Now, this is not a real wearable of course (as you definitely don't wear it) and not sure it can fit the definition of a "thing" (in IoT) as it only talks to the mobile app, but either ways, this is a welcome progress in smart technology that can help improving our mouth health. And it's already available in the stores. 

Here's the second video I took (had to stop the first one after the guy accidentally broke the brush trying to demonstrate the pressure warning feature...):