This product will protect your screen without adding a screen protector

I'm not the kind of guy who will protect his phone with a plastic cover or a screen protector. 
I believe that a smartphone is like a jewelry and dressing it up is a sin. 

For years I managed to avoid scratches and broken screens without dressing up my phones. 
Not that I didn't drop them. The opposite is true. In fact, I even learned that the one thing worse than dropping your phone in the middle of the street is dropping your phone in the middle of the street when you bend over to pick up your dog's poo. In my case the poo might have actually saved the phone by absorbing the fall, but the experience left some scars...
Psychological ones...

Today I found the product that might save my  phones and tablets without making them look weird or ruining the screen experience. 

It's called Kristall Nano Liqueed Screen Protector and it does exactly what the name suggests. 

The Liqueed material is spread on top of the entire smartphone front and merges with the glass. It's like magic. It takes a few minutes and you have a new protective surface no one can see or tell it even exists. Oh, but it does protect your screen from sharp objects like keys etc in case you wondered.  

I got a fun demonstrations using both of my phones and I cannot see any change on my screen. 

In fact, this technology is so exciting that the company just got awarded as "Top Tech of Mobile World Congress 2015" (it happened just when I was there and believe me I had nothing to do with it). 

Congratulations guys, you certainly bought my voice.  

Here's a short video demonstration: