What's better than taking a picture of the new HUAWEI Watch?

The new HUAWEI Watch was a big hit this week at MWC15, however, it was not easy to put your hands on the attractive Smartwatch. 

After struggling a bit, I didn't manage to totally see it in action and take my own pictures of it, but I learned that taking a picture of others taking a pictures of it, is almost as fun...

And on a more serious note, looks like Huawei has managed to penetrate the U.S. And Europian markets by creating a powerful and fashionable brand people can attach to. 
HUAWEI smartphones look good and manage to stand out, and the Watch is probably the most fashionable watch I've seen this year in the event. 

The watch, BTW, was designed by Ben Norton, a watch designer that previously worked for Fossil and Emporio Armani. 

Read more about the watch in here