Best of March at the Mobile Spoon

March is over, Spring is here. A good opportunity to summarize the spoon’s most popular readings since the beginning of 2015.


Microsoft Band:

Microsoft Band mobilespoon

I started my Band adventure this January and I just love this gadget. Sure, it cannot stand against the most sophisticated smartwatches out there, but it has some amazing capabilities around fitness activities and I really like the style of it which is quite unusual. I believe the Band is going to be even more interesting once the SDK (which was recently released with some limitations) will become more mature.

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Smartwatches & Wearables

gear fit

Yes, the era of wearables did not start this year, in fact, 2014 was the year of the blast, but the momentum grows every day and I’m getting more excited to explore and write about it:

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Apple Watch

While I’m still skeptical about the first version of the Apple Watch (my concern is that I will have to charge it twice a day based on my typical smartwatch usage) – I’m pretty sure I will end up wearing one eventually.

Why? Because history repeats itself: we all made fun of the first iPhone as it didn’t have 3G support, remember? Look at us today, we cannot live without this most successful gadget in history. Then we made fun of the iPad, remember? We said it’s a useless device, a giant iPhone, etc. Today tablets are part of our life.

Apple Watch the mobilespoon

I believe the same will happen with the Watch.

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