First iPhone app for customizing the Microsoft Band is here


There is one area where Windows Phone actually has more apps to offer than iOS and that’s of course apps compatible with Microsoft Band.

The Windows Store is becoming pretty loaded with Band apps - some are designed to add extra functionality to the Band using its’ unique 10 sensors, while others are adding customization options to the Band UI.

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Switching back from Lumia 1520 to iPhone 6, I wanted to enhance my Microsoft Band experience with some apps, but found that there is only one dedicated app in the AppStore for customizing the Microsoft Band.

The App is called ReBand and it is pretty basic: it allows you to place an image as the background of the "today tile".

Not much, but that's definitely a start (You can download the app in here).

Earlier this year the Microsoft Band managed to steal some positive attention while the tech world was still waiting anxiously for the Apple Watch and had to settle its' wearables thirst with something. The time window has now ended and today the Watch is getting most of the wearables attention - both by developers and consumers.

It's going to be hard to find iOS developers out there building apps for Microsoft Band; first of all because the motivation to build a Watch apps is insane right now, and will grow even further once Apple start sharing the high sales numbers of the Watch. In addition, the majority of people buying the Microsoft Band are Microsoft fans and as such, they are most likely to own a Windows Phone and not an iPhone, which means that the natural place for Band apps is the Windows Store.