Turn your Windows Phone into a Super Phone with these great Apps – Part 2

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So you bought a new Windows Phone device. Congratulations!

Windows Phones stand out; they are colorful (Lumia’s at least), they have a unique start screen, beautiful apps, and they are pretty… rare.

You are going to be unique and people will ask you questions about the phone, “how is it?”, “do you enjoy it?”, “what the hell is this thing?”, “what version of Android does it run?”, but the biggest question will remain:
Can a Windows Phone meet your growing needs and expectations from a smartphone?

Over 6 months ago I started my second Windows Phone journey, here is the second part of the complete guide to turning your Windows Phone into a super smartphone.

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The Basics

Well, not very interesting or unique, but every Windows Phone owner must find the 5-6 must-have apps he used on his previous phone. In my case the list includes the likes of Evernote, OneNote (which is included in Windows Phone), Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. The reason why those apps are not covered by my guide is that they are too basic to require any recommendation. If you are new to Windows Phone – find them in the store and download before anything else.



Windows Phone 8 Start

When it comes to weather apps, AccuWeather is the best due to several reasons:

  1. Best coverage
  2. Great accuracy (based on my personal experience and… well, the name…)
  3. Best live tile.

And live tiles are important in order to make your windows phone absolutely amazing. In the case of AccuWeather you will not even need to use the app that much, as the live tile is not only well designed but also very detailed.

Download AccuWeather



I have gone a long way finding my one and only to-do list that will not only support my needs but also will work smoothly on all my different mobile devices (smatphones, tablets, Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone).

I believe I tried all the leading apps and found that wunderlist is not only the best one when it comes to user experience and features, but also when it comes to supporting windows 8/10 and Windows Phone.

wunderlist the mobile spoon

If you are used to one of the other to-do apps out there – give wunderlist a try – it’s absolutely the best on any smartphone, but on Windows and Windows Phone it’s even better.

Download Wunderlist


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Movie Blaze

One of the first app I download to every smartphone I use is IMDB. It provides insights on movies I want to see, details of actors, producers, trailers, reviews, and more. It’s a must-have app for any movies fan.

The problem is that the IMDB app for Windows Phone was created a few years ago and didn’t progress much since. It’s nowhere close to the level of the IMDB apps for iOS or Android.

The solution is Movie Blaze. This app is very similar to IMDB but gets tons of updates for Windows Phone. It even has a great live tile that present the image and details of the last movie you checked.

movie blaze 1 Movie Blaze 3 Movie Blaze 2

Download Movie Blaze


Note It

I'm a heavy user of OneNote but as my notes collection grows, it’s getting harder to find stuff, or quickly create and access small reminders or temporary pieces of information. Especially when you are on the move.

I ended up using a small app called Note It.

I like it because of few things: 1. ability to quickly create a note, 2. good bullets support, and 3. the ability to place a note as a live tile and still read what’s written inside the note.

Note it Note it 2 note it start screen

Now, don’t expect Note It to replace your EverNote or OneNote account, but instead – it’s a good app to replace small notes and temporary reminders.

Download Note It



This app is important if you own a website and monitor it through Google Analytics.

As it happens with many other apps and services – Windows Phone lacks a formal app for Google Analytics. There are a few alternative apps written by other developers and from my research InTheKnow is the best one. It has a great live tile that will keep you up to date with your current website stats and a fairly good user interface to take you through most of the important analytics.

Download In InTheKnow – Google Analytics Client for Windows Phone



Social network apps for Windows Phone are not the greatest. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – are all pretty basic and not much fun to use. Still, when it comes to Twitter, there are a few good options, and my favorite one is Tweetium. It’s fast, designed well, provide a very rich set of capabilities, and overall it’s the best twitter client for Windows Phone.

tweetium mobile spoon tweetium1 

Download Tweetium


That’s it for today, in the next part of the guide “how to turn your Windows Phone into a superphone” I will review some of the great apps to polish and customize the start screen (tiles, colors, widgets and more).

Stay tuned.